Fishermen in the North meet JVP

A special meeting between fishermen in the North and the JVP leaders was held at the JVP head office today (5th) morning.

A large number of representatives of fishermen’s union in the North participated. The Information Secretary of the JVP MP Comrade Vijitha Herath and the President of All Ceylon Fishermen’s Federation MP Comrade Nihal Galappathty represented the JVP.


The message of the JVP for the ‘68th Independence Day’

British imperialists made Sri Lanka one of their colonies on 2nd March, 1815. It was bringing the whole of Sri Lanka (then Ceylon) under British jurisdiction through the notorious Kandy convention. The British colonial rule that existed since then officially terminated on 4th February, 1948. It was however, a step to hand over the country to trusted locals who were more British than the British. It was not a genuine independence as there was no struggle that was active in social, economic, political and cultural spheres. 


We would never give up struggle to take over public funds robbed by fraudsters

“It is not necessary to conceal the mediation of the JVP to punish fraudsters and the corrupt. The JVP would take all necessary measures to take fraudsters who plundered public money and take back the public money they stole from the people,” said the Leader of the JVP Comrade Anura Dissanayaka speaking at a press conference held at the head office of the JVP at Pelawatta today (3rd).

Kalutara District JVP Parliamentarian Comrade Dr. Nalinda Jayatissa too was present.


What happened to price formula? When will people get benefit of reduced fuel prices in world market?

“The calculation of fuel prices is devoid of any transparency but it is a right of the people to know how much tax they pay for a liter of fuel. Hence, the people have been demanding the government to introduce a price formula that is transparent. However, the government has not introduced such a formula yet. The suspicion arises to many that such a formula is not introduced as the government is unable to justify it before the people. Also, prices could be brought down in a big margin according to the existing price formula, which the people are not aware of,” said the Leader of the JVP Comrade Anura Dissanayaka asking a question under standing orders in Parliament.


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