JVP complains to IGP regarding slanders against it

The Leader of the JVP Comrade Anura Dissanayaka is to lodge a complaint with the IGP regarding a mud campaign carried out targeting him by several web sites based on a fictitious matter.

The JVP has published an announcement regarding this in its official web page.
The announcement states:
JVP victories enrage slanderers…

A complaint to IGP against slanderers (General Secretary Comrade Tilvin Silva)

Our party in order to change the existing political path and redirect the country on a new journey is rallying masses and various forces and is marching forward along a victorious path. Enemies, especially those who administered the country previously and were rejected by the masses, seeing the victories of the JVP, have become extremely tense and nervous and have begun their smear campaigns again against the JVP and its leaders.
One outrageous slander spread by certain websites has targeted the Leader of our party Comrade Anura Dissanayaka.
These bankrupt slanderers are spreading a heap of indecent and malicious fabrications with a bogus document to suggest he owns a house in Ireland. It is apparent that their aim is to damage people’s trust in the JVP and its Leader.
It is evident that they, who have stolen billions of people’s money, built mansions with that money, distributed houses built for masses to their relatives and had to be imprisoned due to the thefts and abuse of public property, are spreading slanders against the JVP and its leaders to pacify their wrath. We totally reject this fabrication. We would take every action against these slanderers. We, as a party, have decided to take legal action against this sordid act. Accordingly, the Leader of the Party Comrade Anura Dissanayaka expects to make a complaint with the IGP. We call upon the people in this country to reject the politically bankrupt gang of thieves that spread indecent and malicious fabrications.

Hands off people’s resources!

We would take measures with the participation of the trade union movement and the general public to commence struggle action against the ‘selling process’ of the government. We have already decided to launch a massive agitation campaign connected with the port on 1st February with the participation of trade unions in the port and with the collaboration of other trade unions. We would mediate in this task as a political party and the people should rally to halt the destructive move of the government. We would commence awareness programmes, black band campaigns, agitations. The government has speeded up its selling process of people’s assets. Hence, we too should speed up our struggle campaigns against such moves. We invite the general public to join the struggle against government’s selling process,” said the Leader of the JVP Comrade Anura Dissanayaka.

He said this speaking at a press conference held at the head office of the JVP today (23rd). The Member of the Central Committee of the JVP Comrade Dr. Nalinda Jayatissa MP also was present.
Speaking further the Leader of the JVP said, “The East terminal of Colombo Harbour has become one of the main centers of the government’s selling economic policy. In deciding economic strategies of a country, its geographical location is very important. As such, harbours are important for our economy as a naval center, for import and export of goods and for transshipment.
Colombo Harbour occupies an important 26th position in all harbours in the world. Among the 26 main harbours are 8 Chinese, 2 Japanese and 2 Malaysian harbours. As such, among countries that have harbours, Colombo is placed 14th. Why does Colombo Harbour occupy such an important place despite Sri Lanka being a small country? Ours is not a big market as we are a small country. Our import expenditure is US$20 billion. The export income is US$10 billion. Due to the breakdown of the production economy we get only a small export income. As such our total import – export transaction is a meager US$30 billion. As such, the harbour in Sri Lanka is involved in meager trading. However, we are in the 26th position due to being a transshipment center. Harbours in India, a large state near us, do not get involved in exchange of goods. Colombo Harbour gets an important place as a center for transshipment.
The location of a country is important for shipping routes. As such, the most important harbour in Sri Lanka is Colombo Harbour. Of course Galle and Hambanthota harbours should be developed. Trincomalee is considered as the deepest natural harbour. We also have small harbours at Oluwil, KKS and Pt Pedru. As such, we have a potential to develop our country as a naval hub. However, already plans have been made to sell Hambanthota harbour. The agreement has got delayed due to the opposition of the people, our opposition as a political party and the opposition at the party leaders’ meetings. Also, a dialogue has commenced that the relevant agreements should be presented to parliament. Meanwhile, Minister Sarath Fonseka has stated that discussions have commenced to give Troncomalee Harbour to India. Sarath Fonseka as a minister has come out with what has been discussed in the cabinet. We know that the cabinet spokesman doesn’t announce all the decisions taken in the cabinet. The government announces what people would like and the bad ones are concealed.
Troncomalee, as a natural harbour is an important harbour. It is important in developing that area. Due to its importance there were foreign interferences in the past. During JR Jayawardene’s time the development of the harbour was to be given to the USA. India, making use of the conflict in the North, mediated to sign Indo-Sri Lanka pact. There were destructive points regarding Trincomalee Harbour in the agreement. It was stated that no other country should be allowed to carry out any task in the harbour. Also, Pentagon had named Trincomalee Harbour in its military map. As such, Trincomalee Harbour is a very important center economically as well as militarily. It is such a harbour that is being earmarked to be given to India.
It is in such a background that the government is getting ready to sell the North terminal of Colombo Harbour. Colomboo Harbour has five main terminals. Among them are Jaye Container Terminal, Unity Container terminal, South Asia Gateway terminal, Colombo International Container Terminal and East Container Terminal. During Chandrika Kumaratunga’s time one terminal was given to P & O company. During Mahinda Rajapaksa’s time South Terminal was given to China. The East Terminal was developed by Ports Authority spending Rs. 10,800 million. By 2001 86% of containers were operated through Jaye Container Terminal. Only 14% was operated through the terminal owned by P & O. By 2016 the 86% operations carried out by Port Authority came down to 38%. The 14% operated by P & O company increased to 28%. Within 3 years operations by the South terminal owned by the Chinese went up to 34%. Why do container operations by the Port Authority decrease? Now the number of ships that are 30 meters long and 14 meters deep have increased. However, Jaye Terminal and Unity Terminal cannot accommodate those ships. Those ships could enter only the East Terminal. It is this terminal that was developed spending Rs. 10,800 million that is to be sold by the government.
Ranil’s economic development committee decides to keep 15% of the East terminal for the government and sell the remaining 85%. The only deep jetty owned by the Ports Authority is the East Terminal. The government states it has no money to fix cranes to this terminal. The Port authority that states it has no money to fix cranes to the terminal spent Rs. 5027 million to construct Sooriyawewa stadium. Rs.6000 million was spent to construct a breakwater for Galle Harbour. The contract was given to a Chinese company and already Rs. 547 million has been spent. However, construction work has been stopped since 2006. When Ashroff was the Minister a loan of Euro 46 million was taken to build Oluwil Harbour. Port Authority spent Rs. 531 million for the project. Also, Rs. 800 million was spent to build a naval training school. Not a single student studies in this school. Not a single ship has arrived at Oluwil Harbour though it was declared open 5 years ago.
It is the inefficiency and wrong procedures of the government that has made the Port bear this burden. The loss incurred by Hambanthota Harbour for 2015 only in Rs. 37,000 million. There is no development strategy for this harbour. The government disowned several terminals. It operates only the East terminal. Expenditure of all harbours is from the income of the Colombo Harbour. Ranil Wickremesinghe is preparing to sell the most important portion of Sri Lanka’s economy to companies. During Chandrika’s time one terminal was given with 49% to the government and 51% to the company. With 49% ownership the government could not mediate in administration. As such, the government with 15% would not be able to get even dividends. Selling people’s assets, which are like a wish-conferring cow, should be halted. As a political party the JVP is prepared to do so. We ask journalists to use their pens against this act. This sordid act of the joint government should be stopped. We ask Arjuna Ranatunga, the Minister of Ports not to be the most disgraceful minister of ports by getting involved in this selling process. We ask him not to lose his glory of being the cricket captain of the World Cup winning team by getting involved in selling the port.
We would take measures with the participation of the trade union movement and the general public to commence struggle action against the ‘selling process’ of the government. We have already decided to launch a massive agitation campaign connected with the port on 1st February with the participation of trade unions in the port and with the collaboration of other trade unions. We would mediate in this task as a political party and the people should rally to halt the destructive move of the government. We would commence awareness programmes, black band campaigns, agitations. The government has speeded up its selling process of people’s assets. Hence, we too should speed up our struggle campaigns against such moves. We invite the general public to join the struggle against government’s selling process.”
Responding to questions from journalists Comrade Anura Dissanayaka said, “The signing of the agreement to sell Hambanthota Harbour has been stalled at present. What the government has done so far is to lay a foundation stone in the land taken over by Mahinda Rajapaksa regime by evicting 1100 families to establish an industrial zone. Taking over 15,000 acres has been temporarily shelved. This should be stopped forever. What are left to stop it are agitations, protests and struggle actions. Of course there are other means of stopping these acts. The people should bring to power a government that would not sell people’s lands.
There is no reason for ships to arrive at a port when it is owned by a company and not to arrive when it is owned by the government. For, the ownership of the harbour is not considered when entering it. A harbour that would incur losses would never be bought by a company. For, the priority of a company is profits. As such, the government’s intention is to sell resources. These rulers suffer from impotency. They have no economic plan. Ranil Wickremesinghe lives in the 80s. He is another ghost of JR Jayewardene.
Understanding the difference between us and the joint opposition of the likes of Mahinda Rajapaksas is very easy. They steal, we don’t. They protect thieves, we appear for apprehending thieves. They talk of pseudo patriotism; we genuinely love the people in this country. They destroy democracy, we protect it. They steal state assets on behalf of the family; we expect to distribute assets for the people. They attempt to amass people’s assets between a clique; we use people’s wealth to serve the people. They slash education to limit it for their children and have healthy lives only for themselves while we appear for free education and healthy lives for all. They lead gluttonous lives while we work for the people. Hence, the difference between them is as wide as the Earth and the sky.
Recently, Minister Wijedasa Rajapaksa brought a proposal that a list of names of persons that had been branded as traitors should be declared as national heroes. However, Weerawansa’s name was not on this list. If Thunmulle Padme, Kudu Nihal, Malu Nihal, Soththy Upali and a list of plunderers and thieves are entered as a list of patriots, Weerawansa’s name could be added on the top of that list. How could a plunderer become a patriot? This is the voracious politics that is present in our country today. They conceal their knavish stealing with patriotic shawls. How could those who have robbed billions of people’s money talk of patriotism? Wimal Weerawansa’s name could be included in a list of names that include Mervin Silva, Mahinda Rajapaksa and Yoshitha Rajapaksa.
Responding to another question by a journalist Comrde Anura Dissanayaka said, “Today the headline in ‘Dinamina’ newspaper is about a complaint to Supreme Court regarding the Central Bank bond scam. The complaint is made by Thiniyawala Palitha Thero. Now a situation has come up where various Bhikkus come forward at various stages. Bengamuwe Nalaka Thero ties ‘pirith’ thread when Wimal Weerawansa is remanded for illegally using state vehicles. This Bhikku was a consultant to Mahinda Rajapaksa and was given a vehicle and a salary of Rs.60,000. A Bhikku from ‘Rawana Balaya’ too comes forward in such instances. He is one person who had used several state owned vehicles given by Weerawansa. He was also a member of a director board of an institution under Weerawansa’s ministry. Earlier, when a Bhikku makes a statement we refer to Lord Buddha’s teachings. Now when a Bhikku makes a statement we look for the director board he serves in. Thiniyawala Palitha Thero is a member of the director board of Lanka Hospitals Ltd. It seems that he has a good knowledge regarding Central Bank bonds. He has filed a case stating Central Bank bonds transaction was a legal transaction. Mr. Ranil Wickremesinghe should have made Thiniyawala Palitha Thero the Governor of Central Bank instead of his membership in the director board of Lanka Hospitals Ltd. Tomorrow (24th) a debate is to take place in parliament regarding the COPE report. It was proposed by our party. Now the case has been filed and it becomes the leading news in Dinamina’ in a bid to stop the debate. Tomorrow Kiriella would propose to the Speaker that according to standing orders the debate cannot be held as a case has been filed. This is a script by Ranil Wickremesinghe. We would never allow this deceitful strategy to be successful.”


Let’s determine to change this country & make it a pleasant place for all

“The country is at a stage where people die of mosquito bites. The present administration cannot save the people even from mosquito bites. Death is the cheapest in the country. What we need is a country that nurtures life instead of death, happiness instead of sorrow and that consists of determined people who aspire for unity between Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims, Burghers and Malays. The policies to build such a country are with the politics that changes the capitalist society and builds a new society. It is the JVP that could take such a political leadership as it has a clear vision of the future of this country and has dedication for such a task,” said the General Secretary of the JVP Comrade Tilvin Silva.

Speaking at the Convention of ‘Dhiriya’ Citizens’ Societies Comrade Tilvin Silva said, “Today we have convened leaders and representatives of ‘Dhiriya’ Citizens’ Societies that our party has built. It is the duty of all of them to make the people in our country aware of the crisis the country is confronted with at the moment and give them strength, determination and leadership at the village level to make a great beginning to end the pathetic situation. The aim of this convention is to guide them for this task.
Last year we started forming ‘Dhiriya Citizens’ Societies. It is necessary to understand why we did so. Today, our country is confronted with severe social, economic, political, cultural, educational, health as well as environmental issues. Some time back such issues existed for the downtrodden masses only. However, today, all others other than the few who owns administrative power who plunder people’s assets and resources have become prey to the crises. All including students, youths, women, fishing folk, farmers, business community, industrialists have become prey to these crises.
The production economy of the country has completely broken down and avenues of other beneficial economic avenues are gradually breaking down. As such, all sectors such as arts and culture as well as mass media are in crisis. Education and health have become a massive burden for the masses. Day by day the environment is speedily getting destroyed and the religion too has become a prey to the crisis. No sector has been spared by the crises the country is confronted with.
The ruling class too is in an unprecedented crisis. As a solution for this they set up a ‘joint’ government. Now the ‘joint’ government cannot take decisions and the two factions are in a tug-of-war. The existing capitalist socio-economic system has no solution for this crisis. The class that ruled the country for the last 68 years has dragged the country and the people to this precipice. Today, the whole country has been dumped in this stinking pit. The people will have to decide whether they continue to whirl in the dirty pit where they hve been dumped or come out of it. Bringing another capitalist government into power would make the pit deeper and make it difficult to come out of it. A gang calling themselves ‘civil society’ is attempting to keep the people in the pit forever. Instead of helping the people to come out of the stinking pit they are widening it and making it difficult for the people to come out of it. They try to prevent people coming out of the pit. We say the people need not stay in the pit to suffer any longer. We have only one solution. We should array new forces to salvage the country. A strong mass organization should be built to change and develop the country. For, this system cannot be repaired or patched up.
The country is at a stage where people die of mosquito bites. The present administration cannot save the people even from mosquito bites. Death is the cheapest in the country. What we need is a country that nurtures life instead of death, happiness instead of sorrow and that consists of determined people who aspire for unity between Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims, Burghers and Malays. The policies to build such a country are with the politics that changes the capitalist society and builds a new society. It is the JVP that could take such a political leadership as it has a clear vision of the future of this country and has dedication for such a task. No other party or organization has the capability of achieving this. A people’s force should be built under the leadership of the JVP. The former ‘king’ has no solutions for any of the crises confronted by the country. Even the new princes do not have an answer for this. The elite families too don’t have an answer. Also, commanders of armed forces too don’t have any answers. Anyone aspiring to be crowned in this country would never have answers to the crises that are before the country today.
Some await Prince Diyasena. However, we have no right to be slaves to such myths. If we decide to come out of the stinking pit the country has been dragged into, we have to build a broad people’s force that has a programme to come out of the pit. It is the citizens, who came forward to build ‘Dhiriya’ Citizens’ Societies that could build such people’s forces. They should become the vanguard of this task and give leadership at grassroots level. People should be rallied under the theme ‘A society for the village, leadership for the village’.
We are at a stage that people should build a massive people’s force without allowing the capitalist class to take the leadership again. We need not allow any miscreant to deceive us. The aim of this convention is to give knowledge of escaping from being deceived and to help to give leadership to the people through ‘Dhiriya’ Citizens’ Societies. It is such people’s forces that could change this country and make it a pleasant place for all to live. All those who pioneered to form ‘Dhiriya’ Citizens’ Societies are present here today. Also, several renowned artistes including Sooriya Kumar Muththalage, S. Kalawathie, T.M. Jayarathna, Chandrasoma Binduhewa, Prasannajith Abeysuriya, Deppani Silva, Dilhani Ekanayaka have come here to give us strength. There are also university teachers as well as representatives of civil organizations and ministry secretaries.
Our initial task is to get the required knowledge necessary to change the country. We take the message to our villages that we would have determination and belief to give leadership to change this country. It is such a people’s force that could change the country and achieve victory for the people.”

JVP’s Dhiriya’ citizens rally

The Convention of ‘Dhiriya Citizens’ Associations built by the JVP at village level was held at Maharagama today (22nd) at 10.00 a.m.
The main office bearers of the Associations participated while the Leader of the JVP Comrade Anura Dissanayaka, General Secretary Comrade Tilvin Silva and other leaders of the JVP were present.
Artistes, professionals, university teachers and a large crowd were present.

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Comrade Bimal Rathnayaka meets Sri Lankans in Germany

The National Organizer of the JVP Comrade Bimal Rathnayaka who participated in the 18th Congress of the Communist Party of Sweden visited Germany and participated in seminars, meetings and discussions held at Dusseldorf, Berlin and Aachen by members of the JVP in Germany.
He apprised Sri Lankans in Germany how capitalist rulers have destroyed the country economically, politically and culturally and dragged Sri Lanka towards a precipice. Comrade Bimal Rathnayaka showed how the capitalist class deceived the people in the country by ruling with two capitalist political parties separately and when they failed the two parties got together to rule but displayed their impotency once again.
He also put introduced to the gathering the programme of the JVP to salvage the country from the ruinous state it has been subjected to and the dedication and sacrifices the JVP would make in making Sri Lanka a favourable country for all to live. He said the country would expect support and dedication of all Sri Lankans who live abroad when such a programme is carried out.
Comrade Bimal Rathnayaka has also participated, on an invitation from Marxist–Leninist Party of Germany, in the first commemoration ceremony of the series of commemorations to be organized by REBELL, the youth organization of the Party, to celebrate 100th Anniversary of the Great October Revolution.
He stated that JVP is a shareholder of the struggle against imperialism carried out by World Socialists and the JVP and its international unit would fully support the task carried out by Marxist–Leninist Party of Germany in Germany. Later he had discussions with the international unit of the Marxist–Leninist Party of Germany.

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JVP spurs reading habit in Uva

A ceremony to donate books to 64 school and public libraries in Badulla and Monaragala Districts was held at Uva Provincial Council auditorium yesterday (17th).

The books have been bought from allocations for JVP Councilors from Uva Provincial Council Comrade Samantha Vidyaratna and Comrade R.M. Jayawardene.
The ceremony held headed by Senior Lecturer at Sabaragamuwa University Sunil Senevi was participated by a large number of intellectuals from the province. Rs. 1,422,620 had been spent to buy books from writers of the province.
Speaking at the ceremony Comrade Samantha Vidyaratna said the aim of the project to donate books to libraries is to encourage reading habit of the students and the people in the area, encourage writers in the province and encourage people to read the writings of the writers in the province. He said their intention is also to develop libraries in the province.

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JVP meets SLMC about SAITM

The Leader of the JVP Comrade Anura Dissanayaka, the National Organizer of Socialist Students’ Union Comrade Rangana Devapriya and the General Secretary of All Ceylon Medical Officers’ Union Dr. Jayantha Bandara met members of the Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC) today (17th) and have inquired about the legality of SAITM private medical degree institute at Malabe.

At the discussion the Members of the Sri Lanka Medical Council including its President Prof. Carlo Fonseka have told the group that SAITM is an illegal institute, its students would never be registered in the SLMC as doctors and the Council would never recognize them.
Comrade Anura Dissanayaka speaking to the media said a sub-committee of ten members consisting of 4 members from SLMC and 6 most distinguished doctors in the medical profession has prepared a report on SAITM and it has recommended that students from SAITM should never be registered as doctors and this has been unanimously accepted by the SLMC.
The JVP Leader said when university students, their parents and various organizations rise up against SAITM illegal degree institute, the SLMC automatically becomes a shareholder of the protest campaign. However, the government is impertinently planning to issue degree certificates to students from this illegal institute and due to the interference by certain ministers of the government and commissions that have been palmed to various interested individuals, the recommendations by the SLMC have not been implemented he added.


JVP meets Sri Lankans in Denmark

The National Organizer of the JVP Comrade Bimal Rathnayaka MP, in Sweden currently to participate in the 18th Congress of the Communist Party of Sweden, has participated in a meeting of Sri Lankans in Copenhagen on the 12th.

He has had discussions with JVP members in Denmark, sympathizers and many Sri Lankans living in that country.
He has also participated in a seminar held as a part of the series of seminars organized by the International Unit of the JVP with the theme “Why Sri Lanka needs a genuine change”.
Also, he, on an invitation by the Communist Party of Denmark, has had a discussion with the President of the Communist Party of Denmark Comrade Jørgen Petersen at the head office of the Communist Party of Denmark on the task and responsibilities of Communists and their importance amidst the crisis in capitalism.
Comrade Bimal Rathnayaka has explained the path the JVP has taken until now and the responsibility and the tasks before the party at present.

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Comrade Galappaththi visits remanded protestors

Several Bhikkus including the General Secretary of the National Bhikkhu Front (NBF) Wakamulle Uditha Thero and JVP Parliamentarian for Hambanthota District Comrade Nihal Galappaththi visited today (13th) the persons who were arrested by the police in connection with the people’s protest held at Mirijjawila in Hambanthota on the 7th and have been remanded.

People protested against the government’s attempt to sell Hambanthota Harbour and hand over 15,000 acres to a Chinese company.
More than 50 people were arrested and remanded for protesting against selling the Harbour and their traditional lands.


Minister distorts facts

The reports that all party leaders agreed to hold the forthcoming local government elections under the proposed system of a combination of the Proportional Representation (PR) and the First Past the Post (FPP) system is false says the Leader of the JVP and Chief Opposition Whip Comrade Anura Dissanayaka.
He said information has been distorted according to the needs of the subject minister.
At the meeting of party leaders held yesterday (10th) no agreement was reached but serious amendments have to be carried out for the proposed electoral system said Comrade Anura Dissanayaka.
As the proposed system takes the country towards a two-party system where two major political parties dominate the affairs of the country the JVP, the SLMC and several parties pointed out the distortion in the system pointed out Comrade Anura Dissanayaka.