Ramazan message of the JVP

Let Ramazan be a strength to link with other communities to make our society one ‘whole Nation’.

The JVP extends its warmest greetings to all Islam devotees in Sri Lanka as well as those around the world who celebrate Ramazan today (26th).

Today marks the completion of the holy Ramazan month through which Muslim devotees observed fasting. During this period they help their brethren who lead difficult lives. The qualities of brotherhood, temperateness and generosity that are prominent during Ramazan period are specially valued as they are qualities that are fast disappearing in this capitalist social system.

Dawning Ramazan at a time communalism and religious extremism are attempting to raise their ugly heads is important to our society.

The period of fasting and Ramazan festival that gives prominence to distribution of resources equally is especially important. We believe that its message is important not only for Muslim devotees but also for the rest of the population. We believe Ramazan would be a strength to keep away from the mire of communalism and religious extremism, identify provocations and link with other communities to make our society one ‘whole Nation’.

Anura Dissanayaka,


Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna