This government defeats Rajapaksa regime in thieving

“We get the feeling that this government is stealing to challenge and defeat the stealing committed by the Rajapaksa regime. We cannot measure the size of stealing. There is no difference between big thieves and small thieves. These thieves who have devoured ships would say only a garlic pod has been stolen. However, what has been stolen is the funds of the people. Legal action should be carried out against all stealing whether they were committed at present or in the past,” says the Information Secretary of the JVP Comrade Vijitha Herath MP.
He said this speaking to the media at a press conference held at the head office of the JVP yesterday (8th). The Member of the Central Committee of the JVP Comrade Dr. Nalinda Jayatissa MP also was present.
Speaking further Comrade Vijitha Herath said, “The bond scam cannot be allowed to be swept under the carpet by punishing Minister Ravi Karunanayaka. There is an attempt to sacrifice Ravi Karunanayaka to get the treasure. Those who have got the treasure want to go scot free. We cannot allow that to happen. For, the treasure belongs to the people. It is people’s funds. The whole gang of thieves who plundered the treasure should be punished and the people should get back their money.
The government attempts to settle the matter by getting Ravi Karunanayaka to resign. We wouldn’t allow other thieves to go scot free. Government’s attempt is to sweep the crime under the carpet by getting Ravi Karunanayaka to resign. Minister Tilak Marapana resigned and the Avant Guard incident was swept under the carpet. We cannot allow the same thing to happen to the bond scam. All those who are involved in the scam should be brought before the law. Many names of powerful people are mentioned in connection with the crime. All those real planners and perpetrator of the crime should be revealed. We would continue our pressure to get them revealed and punished. The debate on the no-confidence motion should be taken immediately. We, as a party would vote for it.”