JVP meets SLMC about SAITM

The Leader of the JVP Comrade Anura Dissanayaka, the National Organizer of Socialist Students’ Union Comrade Rangana Devapriya and the General Secretary of All Ceylon Medical Officers’ Union Dr. Jayantha Bandara met members of the Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC) today (17th) and have inquired about the legality of SAITM private medical degree institute at Malabe.

At the discussion the Members of the Sri Lanka Medical Council including its President Prof. Carlo Fonseka have told the group that SAITM is an illegal institute, its students would never be registered in the SLMC as doctors and the Council would never recognize them.
Comrade Anura Dissanayaka speaking to the media said a sub-committee of ten members consisting of 4 members from SLMC and 6 most distinguished doctors in the medical profession has prepared a report on SAITM and it has recommended that students from SAITM should never be registered as doctors and this has been unanimously accepted by the SLMC.
The JVP Leader said when university students, their parents and various organizations rise up against SAITM illegal degree institute, the SLMC automatically becomes a shareholder of the protest campaign. However, the government is impertinently planning to issue degree certificates to students from this illegal institute and due to the interference by certain ministers of the government and commissions that have been palmed to various interested individuals, the recommendations by the SLMC have not been implemented he added.


Government’s tax policy is unfair – JVP opposes VAT bill

The joint Maithri – Ranil administration too cannot salvage the economy of the country, the tax policy of the government is very unreasonable and  the JVP is against the VAT states Information Secretary of the party Comrade Vijitha Herath.
Speaking at a press conference held at the head office of the party at Pelawatta today (16th) Comrade Vijitha Herath said, “The new government proved throughout last year that it, just like the previous government, cannot salvage the economy of our country. As it doesn’t have a programme to come out of the economic crisis people are burdened with excessive taxes just like the previous government. It begs for loans and relief given to the masses is slashed. This government too is left with only taking loans, slashing relief and burdening people with taxes.
The present government took loans from the IMF by promising that people would be taxed to increase the state revenue through taxation. It is due to this promise that a tax bill is presented by the government creating a state of chaos in the country. There is a principle that is adopted to implement the tax policy. According to it the taxation in a country should be definite. It should be simple and convenient for the masses. Also, it should be fair. Initially this government stated that direct taxes would be increased so that indirect taxes for the masses would be brought down. Ranil Wickremesinghe said this clearly in Parliament. Indirect taxes are levied from the masses while direct taxes are levied from those who earn very high incomes. The government that stated direct taxes would be increased has gone back on their words the rate of direct taxes brought down increasing the rate of indirect taxes. The direct taxes have been brought down from 35% to 17%. However, the taxes levied for ordinary folk have been increased. It is the ordinary folk who are tormented by the increase of VAT and Nation building tax.
The government could not implement VAT properly. When the budget was presented last December VAT was included. Later, the Prime Minister, making a special statement, increased VAT from 11% to 15%. When VAT of certain goods increased by 4% certain other areas which were not levied any taxes were brought under VAT with a rate of 15%. The letter sent to the Commissioner of Inland Revenue by the Ministry of Finance indicates this clearly. The Nation Building Tax of 2% was levied for electric bills and telephone services. As a result not only VAT increased by 4% but also certain items and services that were not taxed earlier were taxed anew. The Parliamentary approval was not sought for the VAT Bill earlier. As such, Supreme Court stating that the due constitutional procedure and the parliamentary Standing Orders had not been followed when presenting the Value Added Tax (Amendment) Bill nullified it. However, already the people were paying VAT. The Bill was properly presented to parliament only at the third time.
There were no big changes in the amended bill. Small shop owners closed their shops, agitated against the Bill to pressurize the government. This brought about a conflict within the government. The government has amended only the annual income of Rs.50 million needed for registration. Accordingly, only those who earn above Rs. 103800000 could register for VAT. There are other taxes that have been added. VAT has been introduced for air tickets. Milk products that include sugar have been taxed. There are many areas in health sector that have been taxed. Only a few amendments have been made due to protests by the people.
Parliamentarians of the SLFP said there were many defects in the Bill and they would bring in many amendments. What are the ne proposals put forward by the SLFP? They brought in only the proposal to increase turn-over of Rs.30 million to Rs.50 million. The taxes for mobile phones and fixed telephones remain the same. When VAT, NBT, Telecommunication levies are added a re-load of Rs.100 would be taxed 49.73%, About 2 million Sri Lankan foreign employees have to pay ‘International Telecommunication Operators Levy (ITOL)’. Mobile phones are no longer luxury items. They are a service directly utilized for production and trade. Hence levying a tax for such services is not justifiable. The vegetable farmer harvests, transports and finds out prices through mobile phones. Hence, telephone services are directly linked to production. When it is so, Minister Rajitha Senaratna says to off mobile phones if they the services are too expensive.
According to statistics the government earns 25% of its revenue from VAT. Government’s income of Rs.647,500 million included Rs.171,510 million received as VAT which was 26.48% of the income. In 2013 this rate was 24.05% and in it was 24.8%. It is the ordinary people who have to pay the large portion of this tax. This is contrary to the tax policy of a country.
The manner the VAT Bill was presented was wrong. However, people have paid the VAT. According to this tax the charges for channel services have increased by 25%. Despite levying this tax was later abandoned as it was not legal, there is no process for the people who had already paid these taxes for health services, goods and services to get back what they had paid as taxes. The people have a right to get back this money. The government must prepare a structure for it. The JVP, even then, stated that the process of increasing taxes was unfair and we opposed it. Hence, even with amendments we would vote against it. SLFP ministers despite expressing their opposition outside the parliament, they voted for it in the cabinet. They opposed outside Parliament to deceive masses. The VAT is presented jointly by the UNP and the SLFP. We ask the SLFP to vote against the Bill if they are really against it. The VAT Bill would be adopted expecting IMF loan before the budget is presented. As such, it is very evident that this ‘joint’ government has no answer for the economic crisis in our country. Both the UNP that commemorated its 70th anniversary and the SLFP that celebrated its 65th anniversary stated government formed in 2020 would be from either of their parties. However, they say they are jointly developing the country now. If they could develop the country jointly, why would they want to form a government by one of their parties? These are gimmicks to deceive their party men. Hence, we ask the people in this country to oppose the unfair tax policy of the government and its anti-peoples policies. Also, we invite the masses to come forward to build a just administration with a production economy.”

Comrade Somawansa Amarasinghe bids adieu

Last rites of the former Leader of the JVP late Comrade Somawansa Amarasinghe took place at his sister’s residence today (18th).

Members and leaders of the JVP in which Mr. Amarasinghe was the leader for more than two and a half decades and members of several other political parties participated in the ceremony held headed by his relatives.
After the religious observations cortege left to general cemetery at Borella for burial.

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Tax policy carried out for the lavish lifestyles of ministers should be defeated

“The government, while burdening the people with a huge load of tax, has allocated a large amount of money for its spending. This government has already allocated a large amount of money for various ministries in a supplementary estimate presented to Parliament last Thursday. Rs.594.3 million has been allocated to buy two VIP security vehicles for Prime Minister’s office. Rs. 4,260,000 has been allocated for the repairs for the official residence of the Minister of Telecommunications and Digital Infrastructure Harin Fernando. Also, Rs. 8,850,000 has been allocated for the repairs of the official residence of the Minister of Postal Services and Muslim Affairs. The ordinary people are given only a paltry sum of Rs.300,000 to build a house. However, Rs.8.8 million is allocated for the repairs of a minister’s residence. Also Rs.116 million has been allocated for a cultural complex in the ministry. Rs. 60 million has been allocated to prepare an office complex for the Minister of Public enterprise development Kabir Hashim. Rs. 700 million has been allocated for the expenditure of these ministers only,” said the Leader of the JVP Comrade Anura Dissanayaka addressing a press conference held at the head office of the JVP at Pelawatta yesterday (10th). JVP Parliamentarian Comrade Sunil Handunneththi and Member of the Political Bureau of the JVP Comrade Lal Kantha too were present.
Comrade Anura Dissanayaka said, “Even before this government came to power we said their economic policy is not beneficial to the people. We also said we couldn’t give any guarantee about this government. We said a different economic system should replace their economic policy and the JVP presented a manifesto describing our policies before the election. However, the people, instead of accepting the alternative economic policy brought this government to power.
This government has ruled for a period more than a year now. A period of 1 ½ years is quite sufficient to assess the economic path of any government. Mr. Maithripala Sirisena has been the president for about 1 ½ years. Mr. Ranil Wickremesinghe has been the Prime Minister and Mr. Ravi Karunanayaka has been the Minister of Finance for nearly 1 ½ years. The people have realized these gentlemen’s economic policy would not take their lives forward even by an inch.
The paddy farmer doesn’t get a fair price for his produce. The tea or the rubber farmer doesn’t get a fair price for his produce. We see that all sectors have broken down when we go deep into this economy. The rupee has got drastically devalued. Rs.147 has to be paid for a dollar. We are trapped under a huge debt mountain. When a tin of salmon was imported for US$1 we had to pay only Rs.130 when buying it. But now we have to pay Rs.147. the prices of clothes, industrial goods and all imports go up in price by 15% to 20% due to the breakdown of the rupee.
The government has increased VAT from 2nd May. According to the Constitution in our country the financial power is with the Parliament. Accordingly, the budget that describes the income and expenditure for the year is presented to Parliament. This government presented the budget for 2016 in November last year. The budget was adopted in December after a long debate of 26 days. Then the government said it passed the budget with a majority of 2/3rd in Parliament. In that budget VAT was taken off for certain sectors and 8% VAT was recommended certain sectors and 11% for some others. This is how the VAT for 2016 was adopted with a majority of 2/3rd. When a majority in the Parliament approved the budget we opposed it. When the budget was adopted in this manner the Prime Minister, without any discussion but making a statement in Parliament in March increases VAT. VAT is levied for sections that had been released from it earlier. Documents released to the Department of Inland Revenue clearly indicate this. VAT has been increased from 8% to 15% for retail goods. VAT has been increased from 11% to 15% for certain sections. Recently, Trade Association issued a notice for the information of the public. Bakery owners say at least Rs.5 should be increased for a bun. Hotel owners say a packet of lunch would be increased by Rs.20. The water bill will go up with the increase in taxes. The government now says they would not tax essential goods. We’d like to ask the government whether the bun, the packet of lunch, medicine, telephone bill electricity bill are not essential goods and services? How could the government say people’s essential goods and services are not taxed? When we enter a Rs.100 reload for our pre-paid telephone connection, we pay a tax of nearly Rs.50. As such, people have been burdened with a huge tax mountain.
However, the government, while burdening the people with a huge load of tax, has allocated a large amount of money for its spending. This government has already allocated a large amount of money for various ministries in a supplementary estimate presented to Parliament last Thursday. Rs.594.3 million has been allocated to buy two VIP security vehicles for Prime Minister’s office. Why is Rs.594.3 million spent for two security vehicles? Rs. 4,260,000 has been allocated for the repairs for the official residence of the Minister of Telecommunications and Digital Infrastructure Harin Fernando. Also, Rs. 8,850,000 has been allocated for the repairs of the official residence of the Minister of Postal Services and Muslim Affairs. The ordinary people are given only a paltry sum of Rs.300,000 to build a house. However, Rs.8.8 million is allocated for the repairs of a minister’s residence. Also Rs.116 million has been allocated for a cultural complex in the ministry. Rs. 60 million has been allocated to prepare an office complex for the Minister of Public enterprise development Kabir Hashim. Rs. 700 million has been allocated for the expenditure of these ministers only.
Hence, we do not consent to this tax process of the government. We would commence a leaflet campaign to apprise the masses regarding this sordid move. We have also organized a massive agitation against the tax policy of this government. The people should reject and defeat the blood sucking tax policy of this government that is carried out for the lavish lifestyles of the Prime Minister and the ministers in the cabinet.”

Speaking at the press conference Comrade Sunil Handunneththi said, “Recently, COPE summoned about 30 state institutions for investigations. A large amount of financial frauds and financial crimes committed by these institutions have been revealed. A general report is being prepared on institutions like the Ceylon Electricity Board where financial frauds have been committed. We have obtained the assistance of the Auditor General too for this purpose. We hope to table this report at the beginning of June. Already, reports on these investigations have been made available to the President, the Prime Minister and certain ministers. However, we are not satisfied with the action they have taken regarding these reports. Hence, we hope to state how ministries have responded regarding the reports and present recommendations regarding action that has to be taken on these reports.
We get reports that a process has been activated after our investigations to change the ownership of private companies attached to Ceylon Electricity Board or abolish them. We would expose those who have prevented the CEB receiving large sums of money owed by these companies to it and instead pocketing the funds. Already, the Auditor General has been requested to make an investigation on these private companies. We would also get assistance from the Registrar of Companies. These private electricity companies receive income in millions. Despite having 7 Rs.10 shares some of these companies deal in millions. How could that happen? Hence, we requested the Speaker to give us power to take legal action regarding fraudsters. We have also asked for a representative from the Attorney General’s Department.
The Chairman of Agrarian Insurance Board has deployed officials of the Department to carry out functions of a private insurance company. How could a Chairman of a state institution become the owner of a private company? How could he carry out insurance affairs of private companies deploying state employees? We have referred the matter to the Committee on High Posts in Parliament to take a decision regarding his post. A situation has arisen where ministers take decisions ignoring decisions taken by Parliamentary committees. The issue becomes difficult if ministers or ministries do not accept decisions given by COPE. Minister S.B. Dissasnayaka deducted Rs.100 from the allowance given to senior citizens saying a fund would be established. When COPE stopped this move the Minister write s to ministers justifying his move. S.B. Dissanayaka should accept decision of the COPE instead of attempting to carry out his wishes.
These politicians have connections with frauds and corruption. They come to politics to engage in frauds and corruption. COPE alone cannot prevent such moves and the system that encourages such acts. Hence, this injustice should be taken to the masses. For they steal people’s money. If the government elected by the people steal people’s money that injustice ahs to be told to the people. Legal action against fraudsters and the corrupt should be taken by Attorney General, Bribery Commission and such institutions. If these institutions too act according to the interests of politicians the people have to take decisions. Hence, we propose and other such committees should be open to masses. This system is followed in many countries. We ask the Speaker to make necessary adjustments to allow such a system to be followed here. Investigations carried out by these committees should be revealed to the people through media.


April Heroes awakened masses from their deep slumber! – Comrade Tilvin Silva

(Speech by Comrade Tilvin Silva – General Secretary of the JVP at the 45th Commemoration of April Heroes held at Town Hall at Panadura on 5th April, 2016.)

ap4We have gathered here today to commemorate heroes of our party who laid down their lives on behalf of the right for politics of our class. Anyone born to this world ends his life in death. However, April Heroes of 1971 are a group who are born again after their deaths. They not only were born after their deaths but they were also able to awake the masses that were in a deep slumber. Hence, we believe that the experiences of April Heroes are very important for the people in this country today. At a time when 45 years have passed since the April Uprising capitalism in Sri Lanka and the capitalist class that carry it on their shoulders are confronted with an acute crisis. Capitalist class has got into a severe crisis within the rotting politics followed for the past 68 years. Our people, the society that is confronted with this crisis craves for a change. Hence, people in our country should acquire experiences of April Heroes.

Hence, we have decided to organize commemoration of April Heroes ceremonies throughout the island and to have broad discussions regarding their experiences with the people. Today, when this ceremony is being held at Panadura two other main commemorations are being held at Anuradhapura and Deniyaya in Matara. Also, it has been decided to have commemoration ceremonies in the Middle East and several countries in Europe with the participation of several leaders of our party. Already, the Leader of our party Comrade Anura Dissanayaka and the National Organizer Comrade Bimal Rathnayaka have gone abroad to participate in several of these ceremonies. Several more will go abroad to participate in ceremonies held in other countries.

Why do we commemorate heroes of April uprising? People are craving for a change at this moment when capitalism is confronted with a massive crisis. Those who promised a change have failed. The people in our country should understand what the real change is that is necessary for the country. This is why the experiences of April Heroes are important. It is the heroes of 1971 who taught us that the only solution for the impotent capitalist system is Socialism.
People belonging to three generations are participating in this commemoration – the ’71 generation, the generation brought up during the ’77 open economy and the new younger generation. People of these three generations have come together here to discuss experiences of the ’71 heroes, which is an important task. The Heroes of ’71 fought to take the country towards a giant leap in life, society and development in the country. Some ask us what we have done on behalf of ’71 Heroes. Some ask whether we have given compensation for them. The ’71 Heroes never fought to achieve any personal things. They fought sacrificing their lives with the unshakeable hope of building a new society. The only thing we could do for them is to create a Socialist red Sri Lanka.

It is 45 years since the ’71 uprising. There are many things to talk about it even after 45 years. Whatever is said, the ’71 uprising made a deep mark in our society. Our friends as well as enemies accept this without any argument. There have been three main armed struggles in our country. A rebellion broke out in 1818 against the British rulers who brought capitalism to our country. Also, Matale rebellion took place in 1848. British colonialists handed over the country to their lackeys. The ’71 uprising was against the oppression of re-colonialism. The ’71 uprising was able to add many a value for the lives of our people.
Can weekend newspapers today refrain from speaking about the JVP? Could newspapers ignore the ’71 uprising or the 88-89 struggle? Even retired ‘rebels’ who betrayed the struggle or fled from it add value to themselves talking about the ’71 uprising. After 45 years they are left with the uprising as the only important thing they can talk about. As such ’71 uprising created a tremor in the country. The poet, dramatist, the writer and the movie maker were forced to think anew. The government was forced to think differently. Heroes were added to the society. We were taught how to live, die and confront death.

Capitalism creates selfishness in people. From the time we leave home we are confronted with selfishness. However, April Heroes of ’71 showed us that even in such a society unselfishness could exist and a person could even sacrifice life for the good of others. Some say what occurred in 1971 was a rebellion. In reality it was a youth uprising against the repression of the capitalist government. Some say it occurred due to Comrade Rohana Wijeweera’s arbitrary decision. Whoever wished such an uprising it could never happen due to wishes of an individual. The ‘71 uprising was the logical outcome of the socio-economic – political situation that existed at the moment. It has the signs of rising against class oppression; struggle against denial of democracy and high ideals. It contained collectiveness, benevolence and sacrifice.

ap7The British rulers who brought capitalism to Sri Lanka used the upper class in Sri Lanka to create a ruling class loyal to them. A capitalist class that was faithful and devoted to them was created. The British left the country handing over the administration to this class. When this happened in 1948 many said it was independence. It was not a genuine independence. The bond to the British royalty continued. British rule destroyed our culture, our resources and the central hills in our country. It created a massive proletariat. What the local capitalist class did was to continue the issues created by the British. By 1965 there was a massive economic crisis. The country was trapped in a large debt trap. The production broke down. Even the educated couldn’t get employment. Prices of goods went up. There was a social crisis. The rulers found it difficult to administer. Capitalism was in crisis. The only solution the world accepted for capitalist crisis is Socialism. At the time the LSSP and the Communist Party had been functioning. However, they were moving away from the left movement. The LSSP betrayed the ’21 demands’ of the working class and Socialism to join Ms. Sirima Bandaranayke’s government and accepted ministerial posts. This created a vacuum in the left movement. The JVP was born in 1965 to fill this vacuum. It was Rohana Wijeweera, a youth of 22 years from our class, that took the initiative to create this party. He held a discussion at Comrade Karunaratna’s residence at Akmeemana on 14th May, 1965, a Wesak Day, to form a left movement. A colossal decision was made and a challenging move was made. Comrade Rohana Wijeweera’s father was not a President or a Parliamentarian. He was not a film star either. As such, he, an unknown youth, had to make a tremendous sacrifice to create a left movement. He starved for days, had to walk for miles and carry loads to earn money for the movement. There isn’t any other political party in the world created in such a manner. This is where our party’s strength, energy and reverence lie.
Youths, scholars and intellectuals rallied around the JVP. A genuine left movement was rising up. We were slandered then as we are slandered today. It is not a new thing for us. Those gentlemen who snuggled with the capitalist class have slandered us from our inception. We tell these gentlemen that barking of dogs cannot shake mountains. We allow the dogs to bark but carry on with our journey until the final victory is achieved. Once slandering was unsuccessful the capitalist class commenced repression. The JVP decided to go among the masses. Accordingly, it was decided to hold a series of meetings. The inaugural meeting was held at Hyde Park in Colombo on 10th August, 1970. Comrade Rohana Wijeweera invited the people to build Socialism. Youths that were present donated money, jewellery and other valuables to the party. Girls donated ear rings and necklaces they were wearing. Men gave their wristwatches. The capitalist government was shaken. Suppression was unleashed. On 12th August, 1970 the Secretary to the Ministry of Defense Arthur Rajkumar Rathnavel said the ‘Che Guevara’ movement that was raising its head is the number one enemy of the government, it should be pursued and eradicated. Comrade Rohana Wijeweera, while the case against the ‘insurrection’ was being heard, wanted to get him to Court to ask two questions from him. The first question was to ask him how the JVP became the number one enemy of the government and the other was how and when the decision to pursue and eradicate the JVP was taken. He never made his appearance. That is the decision taken and implemented then.

It is in such a background that the JVP took a decision that it should not be inactive but should struggle on behalf of its democratic right to engage in politics. This is when the slogan “It is honourable to fight and die rather than live on ones knees!” was born within the uprising in 1971. A decision had to be taken whether to get murdered within one night or die fighting the enemy. Comrades of ’71 decided to fight. Certain capitalist gentlemen and small cliques that call themselves leftists who are not aware of the true situation attempt to distort the reason for the uprising. ’71 uprising is not an instant to grab power. It is an uprising against the repression that targeted the attempt to build a political party for a social transformation.

The uprising created a massive militancy among our youths and the proletariat. It is the Heroes of ’71 that gave the example of struggle for the masses who until then accepted suffering, slavery and carrying the burden of capitalism without any murmur. Heroes of ’71 sacrificed not only their knowledge and abilities but their lives they get only once in their lives. There is a saying that it is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness. Even today in our society there are many who curse the darkness without lighting a candle. There are many who curse this government. However, most of them are not prepared to light a candle. Heroes of ’71 without cursing the darkness lit a column of lamps. It is from the light that radiates from these lamps that the present generation is moving towards the path for Socialism.

There are several names that are conspicuous among those Heroes who made the supreme sacrifice. The ideal of the women was Comrade Premawathie Manamperi from Katharagama. She was subjected to every cruelty a girl had to undergo. However, she embraced death without divulging anything about the JVP. Comrade Kamala Bandu had the courage to shout ‘Long live the JVP’ even when he was cut to pieces using an electric saw. Comrade Susil Wickrema of Matara and Comrade Rathnayaka of Deniyaya chose death instead of living on their knees. Comrade Sonny Ariyatilleke of Balangoda was tortured and was dragged tied to a police jeep. However, he embraced death reciting a slogan from Ellepola. Our Heroes of ’71 were patriotic and the courage they displayed was admirable.

The government commenced its pursuing game. Our comrades were herded in prisons. They were tortured to make them wish death was more comfortable. Some fled to the enemy and betrayed the struggle. Some gave up the struggle after the defeat. There were heroes who sacrificed their lives as well as those who escaped death and were determined to take the struggle forward. This is why we were able to re-build the party. 1971 was the second birth of our party. It was the comrades who did not flee after the 1971 uprising who corrected the mistakes and built the JVP as a genuine Marxist – Leninists political party. They wrote:
The slaves of this land are in a battlefield
Come forward with arms craving for independence!
Kissing the soil soaked with blood of our heroes
Open your eyes to look how to die as men!
They had immense faith in Socialism to pen such words.

The ’71 uprising is not a struggle that was wasted. Heroes of ’71 won our country many things. It is the ’71 uprising that genuinely freed Sri Lanka from British colonialists. The Constitution of 1972 was an outcome of the ’71 uprising. The government had to bring in land reforms in 1975 and limit ownership of lands for 50 acres per person and lands had to be distributed to landless. The ’71 uprising influenced several social and economic amendments. A commission to study youth intolerance was appointed. However, the ’71 Heroes said there was no intolerance but what existed was injustice of capitalism. The only solution for the injustice for youth is Socialism.

What is the situation after 45 years? It is more serious than then. Capitalism is in a massive crisis. We need not say this. The Prime Minister who is steering capitalism in Sri Lanaka makes a statement in Parliament saying the country is confronted with a massive crisis; there is a massive economic breakdown. He says country’s debt is about Rs.10,000 billion. We have told about this crisis. We have said the country cannot be taken forward on debt. Ranil also said the people have to take bitter medicine to overcome the crisis. Ranil makes Mahinda Rajapaksa responsible for the crisis and asks people to drink bitter medicine instead of giving bitter medicine to Mahinda. We say what is given to the people is not medicine but poison. All these capitalist governments have made every person in the country indebted to the tune of Rs. 500,000. Rajapaksa took loans. Is Ranil trying to settle the loans? No, they too have to take loans. We have been imprisoned in an economy that depends on loans. Production has been broken down and the economy is run on taxes. The country is dragged further towards crisis. Instead of increasing production as a solution for the crisis the government attempts to sign ETCA with India to destroy the existing productions. Fertilizer subsidy is abolished. We’ll have to lead lives of paupers. The Minister of Agriculture who rents out a building for the Ministry paying millions says 100,000 acres of paddy fields would be removed from paddy cultivation to cultivate other crops. What is the intention? It is to rule the country according to whims and fancies of the West. This capitalism cannot give anything to our people.

Earlier there was the family rule. Now there is a coalition. This too has failed. Do they have a coalition to develop the country? No, they, as separate parties, are not given power by the people. Capitalist class has been confronted with a crisis. The SLFP ruled for 20 years but disintegrated when it lost power. Now they fight among themselves in public. They fight due to their greediness for power. Do they love the country? Mahinda Rajapaksa who was chased away by the people attempts to come to power again by splitting the party and displaying his nakedness. As such, our country needs a genuine change. Only new Socialism could do such a change. From everywhere we hear the need for the light of new Socialism. This is why experiences of ’71 are valuable for us. The JVP that was an infantile party then has now become a colossal movement that is inseparable from the masses. Today capitalism is weak, rulers have become impotent. However, the JVP has grown from strength to strength. Hence, we believe that the day is not far away when the new society, the aspiration of Heroes of ’71, would be developed with the leadership of the JVP.

Rajapaksa clique attempts to set up a new party to win those who are disillusioned of the two main political parties. Rajapaksa who failed in his administration for 9 years again asks for power. This clique never talked about people’s issues. They made a big noise in parliament demanding they be recognized as the opposition. They dashed coconuts and ground chillies to abolish FCID. They also talked against Geneva. Now they go to Geneva without their clothes. They shout without any shame. They cannot deceive masses. On the other hand the government attempts to tame the JVP. For, it is the JVP that carries out the functions of the opposition. They are trying to introduce new electoral systems to deny Parliamentary seats to the JVP. We say that new electoral systems that represent the wishes of the masses justifiably should be introduced.

They have also started vituperating the JVP. Those blokes who are comfortable in Rajapaksa’s lap slander leaders of the JVP. They call us red elephant calves. It is they who have dealings with the UNP. They get their passport issues solved through Ranil. It is such blokes that call us red elephant cubs. The tiny cliques that were chased out of the party too slander the party. They call themselves left but slander the JVP instead of criticizing the UNP. Their main enemy is not capitalism but the JVP. None of these is a challenge for the JVP. The only challenge we have is the capitalist system. We need not spend our time to answer fabrications against us. Lenin said “Vaska the cat listens, but continues eating.” We ask those gentlemen to go on insulting us. We would carry out the task of destroying capitalism and build Socialism which was the wish of ’71 Heroes. We are prepared to rally masses and give them courage for the task. We call upon everybody to rally with us. Mao Tsetung has said that success should be gauged not by praises of friends but the angry criticism of enemies. The JVP has never betrayed the aspirations of our people. We have never broken people’s trust. We have shown that we have not betrayed even before the threat of murder. We ask the masses to trust us.

Let flowers bloom all along the hills valleys and plains
Seizing the colour from the blood shed by our comrades!
Let’s hold high the waving red banner
And march towards a free new world!

Video: Task of building a righteous society is with National Bhikku Front

The main task of transforming the present vile society to a righteous society is the responsibility of the National Bhikku Front says the Leader of the JVP Comrade Anura Dissanayaka.

He said this addressing the National Convention of National Bhikku Front held yesterday (12th).

Certain politicians attempt to use ‘Dharma’ as a political tool and politicians who are power hungry and were defeated in a government change who spread communalism are the main culprits of such attempts said Comrade Anura Dissanayaka.

Also, Maithri – Ranil administration has not taken the path of social, economic and political path the people expected them to take said the Leader of the JVP adding that the country is subjected to an economic, social and cultural breakdown. He said the country needs a massive transformation economically, socially, politically and culturally.