Let’s follow ‘Che’ to build land where all people could be happy

“Capitalism destroys the Earth and people living in it. Masses die without food and medicines in hospitals. The world before us is a place where a child dies every four seconds. As such, we have a responsibility of changing this world.

Enemies should be driven away from this land where Comrade Che Guevara has trodden and the red flag of Socialism should be raised high to build a land where all people could be happy,” said the General Secretary of the JVP Comrade Tilvin Silva addressing the ceremony held to commemorate the 47th death anniversary of Comrade  Ernesto Che Guevara.


Video: JVP at 40th Youth festival of Greek Communist Party

The Political – Cultural festival organized for the 40th time by the Communist Youth of Greece (KNE) of the Greek Communist party held between 18th and 21st was participated by the Socialist Youth Union (SYU) of the JVP. Comrades Nimal Jayakody and Pubudu Samaraweera represented the foreign section of the SYU.

It is the largest political – cultural festival organized by a Communist Youth Association. In addition to SYU, Communist Youth associations and anti-imperialist organizations from Venezuela, Cuba, Bolivia, Portugal, Cyprus, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Austria, Denmark, Luxemburg, Ireland, Georgia, Albania, Russia, Serbia, Turkey, Algeria, Lebanon and Palestine participated.


Defeat Imperialism & Zionism to build ‘Asian community’ – Comrade Somawansa Amarasinghe

“The ugly alliance of Imperialism and Zionism has caused unprecedented destruction in the Middle East and elsewhere. It encourages separatism and division of countries: It created, Al Qaeda, ISIS and many other terrorist organizations and spreads terrorism throughout the world. It worked hand in hand with Neo-Fascists in killing civilian population and to topple elected President in Ukrain. We have been silent observers. There will be no friends to stop the ugly alliance when it spreads its claws towards our region stopping us from building an Asian Community. Unless we defeat the enemy ‘Building and Asian community’ will only be a distant dream,” said the Secretary on Foreign Affairs Comrade Somawansa Amarasinghe addressing the International Conference of Asian Political Parties held in Colombo. 


Lao People’s Revolutionary Party meets JVP

A meeting between the Vice-Chairman of Committee on Foreign Affairs of the Central Committee of Lao People’s Revolutionary Party Comrade Thongsavanh Phomvihane and the Secretary on Foreign Affairs of the JVP Comrade Somawansa Amarasinghe was held on the 20th at the head office of the JVP at Pelawatta.

The two parties exchanged experiences regarding political affairs and discussed the current situation in both countries. Both parties agreed to strengthen ties between the two parties.


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