Rulers who belittled our country in Geneva should be taught a lesson – Comrade Tilvin Silva

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Don’t be deceived by crocodile tears of the government. The rulers who belittled our country in Geneva should be taught a lesson says the General Secretary of the JVP Comrade Tilvin Silva.

Speaking at a media conference held at the party head office at Pelawatta today (28th) Comrade Tilvin Silva said, “The resolution against Sri Lanka presented by the USA at Geneva summit has been adopted. We have a criticism regarding the conduct of imperialist countries including the USA. We would never approve such conduct. The main intention of those countries is not to protect human rights. They attempt to intervene in countries on the pretext of protecting human rights. Those attempts should be defeated. The conduct of these countries is wrong. Similarly, we cannot approve the conduct of the present government in Sri Lanka. As such, both these parties should be taken together in an analysis.   Read more...


Only JVP can drive away Rajapaksa regime – Comrade Lal Kantha

“A political party needs a vision.  A dialogue should come up in the society regarding the programme the next administration is going to implement. We were able to present to the society ’Our Vision’ which would be the programme a JVP administration would implement. A good team is necessary to implement this programme. There is such a team in the JVP. Only the JVP could give leadership to such a team,” says Comrade Lal Kantha speaking at the main rally of the JVP for Colombo District held at Nugegoda Junction yesterday (25th).

The General Secretary of the JVP Comrade Tilvin Silva, the leader of the JVP candidates for Western PC election Comrade K.D. Lal Kantha and all candidates of the JVP contesting the election were present. Read more...


Funeral of Comrade Sumathipala Manawadu tomorrow

The funeral of Comrade Sumathipala Manawadu,  the Member of the Central Committee of the JVP, Member of Gampaha Pradeshiya Sabha, the General Secretary of All Ceylon Railway General Employees’ Union, who died in an accident yesterday (25th) evening will be held on the 27th.

Comrade Sumathipala Manawadu, born on 27.01.1966, was a father of two. His remains lie in state at 323/A 2, Galahitiyawa South, Ganemulla. Read more...


JVP to build broad election front

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The JVP is preparing to build a broad election front targeting the presidential and general election the government intends having after the provincial council elections on the 29th.

The JVP would rally all progressive people’s forces in forming this broad front and its aim would be to form a people’s government based on the programme of five principles adopted at the 7th National Convention in February this year.

The policy framework of the JVP, which its future programme is based on, has been presented to intellectuals, entrepreneurs, religious leaders and other professionals and was warmly received.  Read more...


International Women’s Day celebrated in Italy

The Italian Committee of the Socialist Women’s Union of the JVP celebrated the International Women’s Day in Rome on the 16th.

The Political Attaché of the Cuban Embassy in Italy Comrade Roger Lopez Garcia participated as an invited guest. Professor of La Sapienza University Comrade Alessandra Ciattini representing anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist organizations in Italy, Dr. Valerio Cordiner of La Sapienza University, Colombian National Comrade Miriam representing Foreigners Committee in Italy, Comrade Marco representing United Struggle, Comrade Marco representing United Struggle Organization, Comrade Carlo representing International Communist Organization, Ecuador National Comrade Edgar Galiano representing Foreigners Committee in Italy and many Italians and Sri Lankans domiciled in Italy participated.  Read more...


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