We do not join Govt., shall join National Executive Council instead

A press conference was held by the JVP at its head office at Pelawatta today (12th) participated by the Leader of the JVP Comrade Anura Dissanayaka, General Secretary Comrade Tilvin Silva, Information Secretary Comrade Vijitha Herath and the Member of the Political Bureau Comrade K.D. Lal Kantha to clarify the situation in the country and to explain the future programmes of the JVP.

The Leader of the JVP Comrade Anura Dissanayaka said, “We put forward two slogans when we entered the presidential election campaign. Chasing out of the despotic Rajapaksa regime has been successful. The JVP carried out a great task in this regard with dedication. We are happy about this victory.


Struggle is not over yet; 8th January was only the beginning

“At the beginning of the election campaign we said the struggle would not end on 8th January but the JVP would march forward to organize the masses to establish democracy, good governance and carry out a broad transformation of the society,” says the Leader of the JVP Comrade Anura Dissanayaka.

Speaking at a press conference held at the head office of the JVP at Pelawatta today (9th) the Leader of the JVP said, “The presidential election that was held was not one that was held according to the election map of the country.


Rajapaksas are US citizens; they are here to carry out a contract

Those who are in Rajapaksa regime do not want the country to be a unitary state. Gotbhaya, Basil, Dallas, Chandima Rasaputhra do not expect to live in this country for long. That’s why they have houses in the USA. They are US citizens and have been here for 9 years. However, they have not given up their US citizenship. Every now and then they run to the USA to renew their citizenships. They are carrying out a contract in this country. They buy houses in the USA with the money they get from the contract. Their motherland is the USA. That’s why they need Rajapaksa to win the election,” said the Leader of the JVP Comrade Anura Dissanayaka.


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