JVP will never support a UNP candidate

“The JVP will never support a UNP candidate at a future presidential election. The UNP candidate can never be a common candidate. Shallow talks of a common candidate without a broad programme carried out by bankrupt political parties or various other groups merely to come to power do not have any validity in our society now. What is needed now is a broad programme that could defeat this government as well as establish a government that could find solutions for crises confronted by the country. Any candidate should come forward after formulating such a policy framework, rallying masses around it and representing that people’s force. We are campaigning for such a candidate.


JVP not in UNP’s common opposition broth - Comrade Bimal Ratnayaka

The JVP would not participate in the ‘common opposition’ broth the UNP is supposed to be building says the National Organizer of the JVP and the Member of its Political Bureau Comrade Bimal Ratnayaka.

Speaking at a media conference held at the head office of the JVP at Pelawatta yesterday (1st) Comrade Bimal Ratnayaka said, “There is no talk in the UNP about a common opposition now.


Stop government repression against university students – JVP

“Government politicians breaking into universities to attack students is a serious situation. We, as the JVP, condemn this vile act with disgust. We also demand the government to stop immediately student repression it is carrying out. Legal action should be taken against all those who were involved in this attack,” says the General Secretary of the JVP Comrade Tilvin Silva referring to attack on students of Ruhuna University carried out by thugs lead by government politicians. 


'Our Vision' in London

The Leader of the JVP Comrade Anura Dissanayaka, on a visit to London on an invitation by the JVP Committee in the UK addressed seminars in London on the 24th and 25th to discuss 'Our Vision', the policy framework of the JVP, adopted at its 7th National convention with Members of the JVP in UK and Sri Lankans domiciled in the UK.

A large number of Sri Lankans and their supporters were present at the seminars held at St. John’s Community Center at Crawford Avenue at Wembley in London on 24th May at 3.00 p.m. and the one that was held at 6th Form Center, White Hart Lane, London on 25th at 10.00 a.m. The seminars were organized by the JVP Committee in the UK.


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