Maha Sangaha blesses JVP candidates

A ceremony to present ‘The Accord of Conscience’ – the National Programme of the JVP - to Maha Sangha was held at Badulla yesterday (8th).

The leader of the group of JVP candidates for Badulla District Comrade Samantha Vidyaratna and the Leader of the JVP Comrade Anura Dissanayaka were present. Maha Sangha from all parts of the district participated and invoked blessings on the JVP candidates and wished them well at the election.


‘Always blue’ or ‘always green’ politics should be terminated

“When people voted for the green or the blue following their forefathers there were clashes. The winning side attacked houses of the opponents. They were hooted and crackers were lit in their compounds. We were divided. However, those in higher level of the parties did not get divided. They drank together and ate together. However, we were made to fight each other. This ‘always green’ or ‘always blue’ politics should be brought to an end. According to the Constitution sovereignty is with the people. On the 17th we are going to temporarily hand over this power to a group for 5 years. Now the power is with the people,” said the Leader of the JVP Comrade Anura Dissanayaka.


'The Accord of Conscience’- the national programme of the JVP launched

The special convention of the JVP to launch ‘The Accord of Conscience’, the national programme the JVP would implement to develop the country during the next five years under a JVP administration, was launched amidst a large gathering including Maha Sangha, leaders of the JVP, intellectuals, professionals and members of civil organizations at Sugathadasa Indoor Stadium  today(22nd) at 10.00 a.m.


Ramazan message of the JVP

Let’s resolve to defend brotherhood and peace!

Today (18th) is the ‘Ramazan’ day celebrated by Muslim devotees in Sri Lanka as well as those around the world.

Today marks the completion of the holy Ramazan month through which Muslim devotees observed fasting. During this period they help their brethren who lead difficult lives. Those who have help those who do not have. Specially valued qualities during this fasting period are brotherhood, temperateness and generosity.


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