Comrade Bimal Ratnayaka to Kelaniya

Comrade Bimal Ratnayaka has been appointed the JVP organizer for Kelaniya electorate.

Comrade Bimal Ratnayaka is the national organizer of the party and was elected to the Political Bureau of the party at the 7th national convention  held on 2nd February, 2014. He was the District Organizer for Kurunegala District earlier. 


Video- JVP would rally masses to defeat conspirators – Comrade Anura Dissanayaka

Rajapaksa clique and racketeers around it conspire and protest against carrying out investigations regarding frauds and corruption. The President and the prime Minister, who delay taking any action regarding this, should understand it is their power that is being wrecked. We, of the JVP, would take action not to let conspirators’ strategies be successful and would rally the masses to defeat conspirators. This is how victories could be achieved for masses. We would never allow the mandate given at the presidential election to be demolished,” said Comrade Anura Dissanayaka.

He said this addressing a press conference held at the main office of the JVP at Pelawatta yesterday (7th). The Member of the Central Committee of the JVP Comrade Nalinda Jayatissa too was present.


JVP at Cyprus Communist Party Convention

The 22nd Congress of the Cyprus Communist Party (AKEL) is being held from 4th to 7th of this month. Comrade Sunil Handunneththi, representing the JVP, addressed the Congress yesterday (4th) and delivered greetings from the JVP to the Congress.

Later, he had discussions with the Members of the Central Committee of Cyprus Communist Party. The talks concentrated on the political situations in the two countries, future developments and the tendencies of the international left movement.


Comrade Handunneththi – new District Organizer for Matara

Member of the Political Bureau, Financial Secretary of the party and Member of Parliament Comrade Sunil Handunneththi has been appointed as the new organizer for Matara District.

Comrade Sunil Handunneththi holds a Business Administration degree from Sri Jayawardenepura University. While reading for his degree Comrade Handunneththi functioned as the convener of the Inter University Students’ Federation. At the 7th National Convention of the party held on 2nd February, 2014 Comrade Handuneththi was elected as a Member of the Political Bureau and the Financial Secretary of the party.


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