New Year message of the JVP

New Year dawns on the 14th April, 2014. It becomes an important event among the cultural festivals in Sri Lanka as it is held this year at a time the people in Sri Lanka have marked a new victorious beginning. Sri Lankan society that had been crossing from one zodiac to another has turned towards an auspicious zodiac.

It is evident that people are quickly realizing that the present regime has pushed Sri Lanka towards economic, political, social and moral bankruptcy. During the New Year season the masses have been made to live confronted with severe economic challenges; amidst physical and mental tribulation.


JVP at Youth Congress of Portuguese Communist Party

Comrade Nimal Jayakody from Belgium Committee and Comrade Pubudu Nuwan Samaraweera from the Netherlands Committee participated representing the Socialist Youth Union of the JVP at the 10th Congress of Portuguese Communist Youth ( JCP) of Portuguese Communist Party  held in Lisbon in Portugal from 4th to 6th April.   10th Congress of Portuguese Communist Youth

Representatives from Canada, Venezuela, Spain, Catalonia, Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Western Sahara, Brazil, Belgium, France, Austria and Sri Lanka participated.


BBS sets a wrong precedent – JVP

“The storming of the media conference of Jathika Bala Sena by BBS would create serious issues regarding national unity and democracy in the country. Any citizen or an organization has the right to hold and express opinions. It is a right recognized by the Constitution under the freedom of speech and expression. If anyone opposes those opinions they could express their opposition in the same civilized manner. The BBS has given the country a wrong precedent by breaking into a media conference and forcefully disrupting it,” states the JVP. The Political Bureau of the JVP has issued a media release condemning the attack by BBS on JBS. 


‘April Heroes’ give us inspiration to struggle against imperialists – Comrade Samantha Vidyaratna

“Imperialists who destroyed Uva-Wellassa in the past are repeating it in a different way. The rulers of this country give lands, tax relief to imperialists. Don’t they understand imperialist hounds are waiting to grab education and lands in this country?  They come without guns to set up casinos and hotels. In January, 2006 Mahinda Rajapaksa handed over 65,000 acres, together with the ‘Nilgala’ herbarium that existed from the time of ancient kings, to imperialists who made Wellassa a grave yard in the past.  Despite Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa signing the agreement, a struggle was launched in Uva-Wellassa to drive away company owners to protect lands of our people. We won this struggle. We were inspired by the examples of ‘April Heroes’,” said the Member of the Central Committee of the JVP Comrade Samantha Vidyaratna. 


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