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No end to mudslinging against JVP by irresponsible & shady websites

The General Secretary of the JVP Comrade Tilvin Silva says certain websites are taking steps to carry on a campaign to spread false notion against the JVP stating that Mr. Dougles Devananda’s media secretary S. Edirisinghe had written a letter to JVP Leader Anura Disanayaka regarding a news item connecting Mr. Devananda with the disappearance or murder of Mr. Prageeth Eknaligoda published in a Tamil website WWW.JVPNEWS.COM. Read more...


JVP names national list members

The decision of the JVP for the two national list members to Parliament has been sent to the Commissioner of Elections by the General Secretary of the party Comrade Tilvin Silva. JVP was allocated two seats from the national list according to the percentage of votes it received at the general election.

Former Auditor General and a distinguished state official Mr. Sarath Mayadunne and the Member of the Political Bureau of the JVP Comrade Sunil Handunneththi have been named by the JVP for the Parliament from the national list. Read more...


Delegation from Workers Party of Bangladesh meets JVP

A delegation from Workers Party of Bangladesh had discussions with a delegation from the JVP at the head office of the JVP at Pelawatta on the 21st. The delegation from Workers Party of Bangladesh had come to Sri Lanka to participate at the summit of the Asia-Pacific garment industries trade unions held in Negombo.  Read more...


Representation given us would be utilized to win all challenges confronted by people and the country

“The result we have got at the general election would strengthen our representation in Parliament. We pledge that the representation the masses in this country have given us would never be used in a manner harmful to the people. We would guarantee that the representation the people have given us would be utilized to win all challenges that are aimed at the people and our country. The Parliamentary representation the people have given us would be used for our future political journey.


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